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Le’Veon Bell’s nameplate removed from his locker when it’s raided by Steelers players

Since he is no long part of the team, he has no need of a locker and his former teammates helped by cleaning it out for him on Wednesday.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

With Le’Veon Bell deciding not to return to the Pittsburgh Steelers this season, he no longer has need of his locker that has remained largely untouched throughout the year. At least it had been until Wednesday when his former teammates decided to have a look through the possession he had left behind.

In what seems to be more of a playful moment that a spiteful act toward a player many feel has deserted the team, a number of players reportedly took items from his locker and removed the nameplate on the front of it.

Linebacker Bud Dupree looks to have been one of the biggest winners of the raid after it appeared he had found a few pairs of brand new Nike Jordan cleats that seem to fit him. However, he might not have only been the one to profit on the day.

Maybe Dupree will give his new cleats a try on Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Although there was no word on who, if anyone, snagged Bell’s mix cd.

After purging any remaining signs of Bell from the locker room, it can only be hoped that this will have given his former teammates a sense of closure and he will no longer be a topic of conversation for them going forward. For players like Maurkice Pouncey, Bell is not a subject he wants to to talk about anymore.