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Friday Night Steelers Six Pack of questions and open thread: Ravens Edition, Part 2

The games finally count, and there is plenty to talk about!

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Several people have asked if we could bring back the Friday Night Open Thread. I had moved the event to Saturday morning, but after minimal success, I decided to bring it back to Friday night — with a slight twist.

I liked the Saturday Six-Pack theme, so I decided to just take the six questions and move them to Friday night. Say hello to Friday Night Six-Pack of Steelers Questions and open thread!

The rules haven’t changed...

Quick rundown of the ground rules.

  • I’ll ask at least four questions strictly related to the Steelers.
  • The rest of the questions could be about anything.
  • Be respectful.
  • Have fun talking about the Black-and-gold.

That’s it! With that out of the way, it’s time to get this party started. Hey, don’t act like you’ve never done a little Friday night drinking. Here goes:

1. If you had to pick the six AFC playoff teams RIGHT NOW, who would make it?

2. What scares you the most about this Week 9 game vs. the Ravens?

3. OVER/UNDER number of sacks the Steelers have on Joe Flacco/Lamar Jackson: 2

4. What is the most important difference in the upcoming game between the Steelers and Browns, compared to their Week 4 game?

5. After the Steelers wore their throwbacks last week, do you still wish they went back to the block numbers? Or have the new(er) ones grown on you?

6. What is your prediction for the game Sunday? Give a score and how you see it breaking down!

No matter what, always remember...