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Steelers fans may not like him, but trading for Jalen Ramsey would be a great idea

The polarizing CB would a controversial, but welcome addition.

NFL: New York Jets at Jacksonville Jaguars Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

“[Roethlisberger] is decent at best” — Jalen Ramsey

That is exactly what star CB Jalen Ramsey told the media when asked about Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger over the off-season in his vilified GQ interview. Everyone fan knew that the Jaguars and Steelers were gonna have a bit of bad blood coming out of last season, especially with those comments.

The Steelers were looking for revenge and redemption, and they got it. They virtually ended the season of the Jaguars and demoralized an entire local room that had been extremely vocal about their success over the off-season.

Ramsey was the leader of those who were vocal. He was vocal about every single team he faced in the league. That is the nature of who Jalen Ramsey is. He has been that since his days at Florida State when he was the same guy. Jalen Ramsey has always been a rambunctious, outspoken character.

You can look up any article from his college days, and for better or worse, he will have trash talked the opposition that week in some manner. Something I do know is that he carries that very same swagger onto the field. His team may not be backing up that trash talk, but Ramsey sure is. His 2 INTs were impressive on Sunday, even if he lost out on some battles, the guy is simply a baller.

Maybe it is just me, but I love my DBs to have a little swagger in them. Now, yes, there is a limit on it, but Ramsey and Jaire Alexander were draft crushes partially because of the swagger they injected into their defenses in college. Ramsey does that, and yes, he sure does get silent when his team gets crushed by loss after loss. His words may come back to bite him a good deal, but the play on the field overcomes that.

Note that the Jaguars locker room is not like the Steelers’ locker room at all. That locker room is extremely loose, and you can tell it. They acted almost Bengals-like on Sunday and showed off their immaturity as a locker room. That is something the Steelers haven’t done this season.

Now, yes, we don’t really need Ramsey guaranteeing that we will be going to the Super Bowl. The Jaguars are now 3-8 since he made that comment, yes, but I can firmly say that it is not Ramsey’s fault that they have gotten to that record. He himself has made up for those words more so than anyone else on that team. When he says things, he backs them up. When he called Chiefs star WR Tyreek Hill a “return specialist”, Ramsey shut him down. He gave up one catch for 36 yards, and after that, nothing.

I am gonna say it, right now, currently, there is no Cornerback better than Jalen Ramsey. There is no CB that shuts down his opponents as frequently as Ramsey done. It just so happened that he got cooked by the best receiver in the NFL on what should have been a touchdown against the Steelers, but who doesn’t get cooked by Antonio Brown.

I say this because there has been trade rumors regarding Jalen Ramsey recently. And I asked myself, would I want that guy for even how steep of a price he will command?

The answer is absolutely.

How could you pass up a top 3 CB at the minimum when your team needs a CB2, and you can create a super charged trio at CB with Ramsey, a revitalized Joe Haden, and the dynamic Mike Hilton.

With new found cap space, the Steelers have the room to give Ramsey the deal he wants, and he can be the cornerstone CB of the future for the Steelers. That is called maximizing a Super Bowl window, regardless of what you think of Ramsey.

Are his locker room antics a potential problem? Maybe, but we know Jacksonville might not even have that much leverage in this if they want to get something for Ramsey who some teams will turn away simply due to the “diva” mentality. The Steelers, quite honestly, might only have to give up a first and maybe a 3rd or 4th simply due to the situation that is at hand for Jacksonville.

For that price alone, I am stamping the ticket to go get Ramsey. This team is a CB2 and one dynamic ILB away from being a straight up dominant defense. Yes, there is enough money to go around to sign Sean Davis, Mike Hilton, and then Ramsey, too. On top of that, extending Ben Roethlisberger would only add to the amount of cap space the Steelers would have.

With enough contracts off the book the next season, there is still enough room to give JuJu Smith-Schuster a deal with guys like Bud Dupree and Javon Hargrave also wanting one by then. Of course, it is possible Ben Roethlisberger’s contract would in fact be off the books by then. Regardless, there is more than enough room for Ramsey to slide in here.

There are some serious veteran guys who have strong leadership skills in this room, too. Cam Heyward, Ben Roethlisberger, the entire OL, Vince Williams, and more to really reign Ramsey in as a whole. Mike Tomlin could reign him in more than enough so that he would not be the “nuisance” he was in Jacksonville.

The trash talk and comments maybe make you, as a Steelers fan, dislike Jalen Ramsey, but there is no doubt he would improve this team and defense.

I want him on this team, and you should too.