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Burning questions surrounding the Steelers vs. Ravens Week 9 matchup

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens square off in Week 9, and there are plenty of topics to discuss.

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

I have been on a mini vacation this week, taking some time off before my work place gets busy with the holiday season. You know, getting things in order for time missed around the house while working 12-16 hour days.

While getting things done around the home front I have been listening to 93.7 the Fan out of Pittsburgh, and SNR, Steelers Nation Radio. While listening you hear things that peak your interest, and I thought they would be some great talking points leading up to the Steelers’ Sunday meeting with the Baltimore Ravens.

Here we go...

Joe Flacco

There could be possible bulletin board material coming out of Baltimore from Joe Flacco. I’m paraphrasing here, but he basically said this was the easiest Pittsburgh team he has ever faced, meaning the Week 4 game.

Is that something you, as an individual, would take to heart?

The talk I have been hearing is the same politically correct media answers. Which is probably the right thing, but is it how the team really feels. To me it’s basically saying that you are soft. Personally, I’m going to do everything possible to put this guy on his butt. WASH RINSE REPEAT.

I get the over emotional aspect, which can take you out of a game, but if that doesn’t get your blood flowing — nothing will. Interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

Offensive Approach

James Conner and the offensive line have been flat out balling. I want to rehash the numbers that James has put up, but for the sake of time I won’t.

We agree they are impressive though. Right?

The question I have is what approach will Pittsburgh,and ultimately Coach Fichtner, take? I would be hard pressed to not try and pound the rock down the Ravens’ throats. You have to take into account, the Ravens defense is stout. Pittsburgh rushed for less than 20 yards on a half dozen rushes in Week 4.

So why beat your head against the wall?

Why not spread them out?

Take the Big Uglies off the field, or out of the equation. Let’s see how they defend the spread. The Steelers can still use Conner, if he is going to take Bell’s spot in the offense why not line him up in the slot along with Vance McDonald? See what they have, putting Justing Hunter,yes Justin Hunter, and JuJu Smith-Schuster out wide and Antonio Brown in motion. You can not defend that without changing personnel, and if they change into nickel or even dime, motion Conner back into the backfield and run on them.


I have listened all day long on people calling in and giving their thoughts on these topics but I want Behind The Steel Curtain’s.

Go Steelers! Beat the Ravens!