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Mike Tomlin outlines the challenges of game prep during a short week

With such a short turnaround for Thursday’s game, the Steelers’s have a lot to do in very little time.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

“It’s a short week with a formidable opponent”

Coach Mike Tomlin held his weekly press conference on Monday this week as the Pittsburgh Steelers prepare for the Carolina Panthers on Thursday Night Football in Week 10. It was the first reminder the Steelers have very little time for getting prepared for their next NFC South opponent to invade Heinz Field. Tomlin was asked about the biggest challenges of game-planning on a short week and if there’s time to get everything in.

“You get to it, but the depth of what you get to it is debatable. Having a perspective of dealing with it a number of years, I think, the things that you choose to push to the front of the line if time is limited.”

Coach Tomlin went on to explain how the time element is important with players and coaches.

“Where do you allocate your time? Not only from a time spent with players, but I’m talking about staff time. The allocation of time and focus, I think, is the critical element of short-week prep.”

Coach Tomlin was also asked if it is better to have the Thursday game later on in the season once players have developed further.

“I don’t care. I really don’t care. I’ve got no control over the schedule. As long as it is a short week for the opponent, it’s fair.”

In continuing with items that Coach Tomlin “officially” didn’t care about, he was asked if three days is enough for an NFL body to heal up.

“I have no opinion. I really don’t. I didn’t make the schedule. I’ll be there on Thursday night as will the Pittsburgh Steelers.”

As a final question, Coach Tomlin was asked if it is more difficult to have a crammed schedule with a team the Steelers are unfamiliar with versus playing an AFC North opponent.

“It’s really irrelevant in that if we’re unfamiliar with them, they are largely unfamiliar with us... from these standpoints, it’s fair.”

The Steelers held coaches meetings on Monday and are scheduled to have Tuesday as their only practice day of the week. Wednesday the team is scheduled to have walk-throughs in preparation for Thursday nights game at 8:20 PM at Heinz Field.