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Breaking down some 2019 NFL Draft prospects the Steelers could be targeting

Kevin Colbert and Antonio Brown were in attendance for the Oklahoma-West Virginia game, and there are some other prospects the team may be targeting.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers have seemingly begun their serious draft prep. Kevin Colbert and director of scouting Phil Kreidler were at the West Virginia-Oklahoma football game last Friday, and with them was star WR Antonio Brown. Usually, I would say that it is fine, this would be an interesting thing to look at, but here is the weird thing about this game — it had exclusively offensive talent.

Maybe you would think that because, after all, it is a Big 12 game, but seriously, this game was just full of big name offensive prospects. Specifically, it had very good WRs and OL, so that could signal that an early focus for the Steelers is, get this.....more receivers.

With JuJu Smith-Schuster coming into his own as he has, and with Antonio Brown not slowing down, it would seem there is no need. Heck, if Ryan Switzer keeps this up, he will find his way into the long-term plans easily. But, maybe, just maybe, they are planning ahead.

They could be planning ahead for the eventual decline of the man known as AB. But the big factor here is the disappointment that has been James Washington. I don’t think they’d move on so quickly, but they do need a deep threat. And, well, this game was full of those. Here are four prospects I think the Steelers had their eye on, although they could have had their eyes on a few other players, those are Day 3 prospects.

WR Marquise “Hollywood” Brown

Yes, you ever thought, maybe, just maybe, they could have been watching Antonio Brown’s cousin? Yea, it would be kinda crazy if we had two Browns on the team, but with how talented Hollywood is, heck I’d be all for it.

This dude has some real speed. I mean, near Tyreek Hill speed. It wouldn’t shock me if he runs that fast, and honestly, that is kinda what the Steelers need right now on offense. Washington ain’t cutting it, and Brown is a certified deep threat. He just burns guys all day and turns space into huge gains.

He isn’t just a deep threat, though. He plays very much like AB does. He is quick and precise with his routes and makes some real contested catches you wouldn’t expect him to make. Dude has a really thin frame and has the occasional suspect drop (like JuJu), but he is a top 50 pick. Dude is legit. Just watch this:

This is a precise, delayed slant route, and Brown just turns this into a huge gain with his pure speed. He is a playmaker and man, I am sure Kevin Colbert is going to have him rated high on his board.

OT Yodny Cajuste

I don’t know if Cajuste will even fall to where the Steelers will be drafting in the first round, but OL is one of those sneaky positions you could see the Steelers going out and getting. I don’t know if Tackle is the play they would make, but this would mean Marcus Gilbert would be as good as gone. Chuks and Cajuste would be a deadly combination.

Essentially, Cajuste would be the LT and Chuks the RT in the future, but we do not have to say goodbye to Alejandro Villanueva right now. Regardless, Cajuste can play inside as well, as he does have experience, so if need be, maybe even a Foster replacement.

Cajuste is a straight bull. This guy plays as aggressively as any OL I have seen. He has that Maurkice Pouncey, Ramon Foster, and David DeCastro mentality to him and would certainly fit right in here with an absolutely cerebral unit. He isn’t that fluid in his hips, but his footwork is so quick and fluid.

This guy has some of the best hands I have seen too. His length is fantastic and those punches he shows are just amazing. If the Steelers drafted him and added him to their OL, watch out. He might become an All-Pro.

Look at this technique. Perfect timing, great technique, and hands are inside. This dude has fleet footwork, and this is a vertical set, and look at how quickly he gets right up on him. Absolutely beautiful rep here.

WR David Sills

Well, Sills is essentially Kelvin Benjamin with a work ethic. He is extremely athletically limited and might be a good big slot or red zone guy, but he just doesn’t hit me as a great WR. He is essentially a tight end, honestly.

Here is my gripe with Sills — he just doesn’t really have a route tree. Not only does he have that limited route tree, but his limited athleticism really drives me off. I don’t think Sills is the type of receiver the Steelers need right now, I think a speed guy.

He is deceptive and honestly wins deep a good bit. He is aggressive at the catch point, but those limitations just turn me off heavily from him. I want the guy to be better, but he just isn’t it right now.

Solid route and size allow Sills to win this easily, and he does this a ton, but I don’t know how much he will be able to do it at the next level.

WR Gary Jennings

This is the WR I hope these guys were watching, if it wasn’t Hollywood Brown. Jennings is a fluid and precise wide out who would fit into any offense as a perfect WR3 to WR2. His route tree is far more expansive than most Big 12 WRs, and has a real knack for getting in and out of breaks.

He won’t blow the combine up with great numbers, but he sure will show you how fluid he is. This guy is just a classic possession receiver with more speed than they give him credit for. He is tough and loves to block too.

I have seen him sky up and get these jump balls as well. He is such an underrated receiver. He is nothing flashy, but he has Day 2 value and probably could be had at Day 3. Hopefully the Steelers consider him.

I think this speaks for itself. Fantastic play, although he usually doesn’t have this fantastic ability after the catch.