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Patriots CB Stephon Gilmore complains about a ‘super dirty’ move by Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown has been called many things over the years, but dirty is not one of them.

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

In a moment many of us probably missed in the Pittsburgh Steelers win over the New England Patriots, it would seem that Antonio Brown had a bit of a shoving match with cornerback Stephon Gilmore. Needing to be separated by officials, tempers reportedly flared in response to an alleged cheap shot by Brown.

Speaking to the media after the game, Gilmore told Zac Cox of NESN what had caused the two players to clash.

“He did a little dirty move, grabbed my helmet, threw me down. That was super dirty. But other than that, just competing on the field.”

While Brown has been called many things over the years, dirty has never been one of them and given his relatively mild temperament when it comes to physical side of the game, it is hard to believe any description of him that characterizes him as “super dirty”.

Pittsburgh only had one drive in the third quarter when this incident apparently occurred and the two players had very little physical conformation with each in that series. That being said, there is one play that involved a block by Brown on Gilmore, but it is hard to see anything there that anyone could take offense to.

On the following down, although Brown and Gilmore line up against each other and can be seen having words at the end of the play, the camera pans away as whistles are heard and heads are pointed in the two players direction. Without seeing it on camera, it impossible to be certain, but it seems reasonable to believe this is when their dust up occurred.

Even if he did not appreciate that one play, Gilmore still enjoyed the challenge facing AB.

“It was fun. He’s one of the best receivers today. One thing that he’s good at — it’s not his routes — but his (timing) … when he makes his move. He’s very good at it.”

Should the two teams meet in the playoffs, their individual rematch is sure to be a talking point during the pregame build up.