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10 Things I Think I Thought about watching the only mostly dead Steelers beat the Patriots

Watching the Steelers finally beat the Patriots had me thinking all sorts of thoughts after the game.

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Another home game for me, but I didn’t get to wear a color rush jersey. I don’t have one. Wish I had a Joe Haden jersey. Here are ten thoughts I thought along the way to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ improbable victory.

  1. Chris Hogan. Has anyone ever been more open in the history of the NFL? Now that’s a good question. I half expected Hogan to stop running, assuming the play must have been whistled dead. Heck, I think for a moment there he must have thought the rapture happened and he’d been Left Behind.
  2. I thought this was going to be a 100 point game early on, a regular Arena Football League affair. Both offenses, in the end, radically underperformed. Yes, the Swiss Army Knife gashed the Patriots. Yes, James Washington had a coming out party. But 27 points between these two offenses, playing against these two defenses? That’s a bigger shock than the shock of winning.
  3. Here’s a thought. Why don’t we give Chris Boswell the challenge flag, and have Mike Tomlin do our kicking?
  4. Seriously, I was glad to see Boz hit the 48 yarder. Any decent Steeler fan wants to see players succeed. Especially when they have the physical gifts. Maybe what we need is for Artie Burns and Boz to visit the Wizard of Oz. Maybe he can give Artie some self-confidence and take from Bozworth his yips.
  5. Have I mentioned the menu for home games? My homemade hot Italian sausage sandwiches. It’s good to get a good meal in before having to eat crow for the rest of the week.
  6. Our Steelers can be a formidable football team. They can also be a terrible football team. I was wrong to think they are only one team, or that we can know which team will show up on any given Sunday. Here’s hoping the former, the six game win streak team, will show up over the course of the next six games. I know a bye is still a technical possibility, but I can only take so much emotional whiplash. I spent the previous week convinced we’d miss the playoffs. That may still happen, but it seems much less likely.
  7. My wife is not just beautiful, not just a Steeler fan, but she is also a fan of my sausage sandwiches. A match made in heaven.
  8. Tom Brady a year older, Rob Gronkowski burdened with more injuries, this is not the biggest change this year. It’s the loss of the mirage of invincibility. They are getting beaten because everyone now knows they can be beaten.
  9. Is the same true of the Saints? Time will tell. Though neither team this time is undefeated, a victory over the Saints would be akin to when we beat the undefeated Patriots and Eagles two weeks in a row in 2004.
  10. It’s no wonder the Steelers are Jekyll and Hyde. Their coach is the same. One week he keeps his HOF quarterback on the bench; the next week he out duels the evil Dr. B.

Miracle Max brought us back from the brink. Now let’s see if we can keep going, and rescue Buttercup. In the meantime, next week in New Orleans, let’s have fun storming the castle.