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That Drew Brees, why is he so hard to root against?!

You might think Saints quarterback Drew Brees is the perfect human being. You’d be wrong, very, very wrong.

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

As you know, it’s quite easy to hate Tom Brady, thanks to his ongoing status as the quarterback of the New England Patriots. When you throw in his smugness, his competitive fire, his beautiful wife—Gisele—deflated footballs, smashed cellphones, and that damn handsome face, it’s no wonder you want to see him lose a lot—and one of these days (like a few consecutive Sundays in 2029, perhaps) that’s going to happen.

However, when it comes to Drew Brees, the quarterback of the Steelers next opponent, the Saints, you might think it’s a lot harder to muster up the rage to hate that man.

I know I did. I mean, who doesn’t love Drew Brees? How can you possibly hate a smallish quarterback that has the courage to stand in the middle of his huge teammates and fire them up before each and every game? How can you have contempt for a player who has done so much charitable work for the NFL in general and the city of New Orleans in particular?

But then I unearthed an incident from 2013 when Brees was the subject of great scrutiny for leaving just a $3 tip for a takeout order. Yes, that’s right!

And that’s when I decided to dig a little deeper. What I found may shock and disturb you.

See what I discovered—if you can handle the ugly truth:

*Drew Brees often says he didn’t see your Facebook message, even when it’s been determined the message was “seen.”

*Drew Brees likes to sneak 16 items into “15 items or less” lines, even fruit. And he can never figure out how to weigh the fruit on the scale and holds the entire line up for minutes.

*Drew Brees has been known to re-gift items he’s received during his many commercial shoots—including actual bottles of NyQuil.

*Drew Brees isn’t always “present” or “in the moment” when his wife is talking to him, and she often feels like he isn’t listening. I mean, he hears her, but is he really listening to her?

*Drew Brees often brings a vegetable tray to a party, and nobody ever touches it—even him. Yet, he has no problem helping himself to the expensive liqueur other guests provide.

*Drew Brees likes to dangle toys in front of kittens until they jump at them, miss, and then land in the water bowl.

*Drew Brees often pretends to throw the tennis ball while playing fetch with his dog and laughs hysterically as the pooch goes sprinting down the yard anticipating a ball that will never wind up in his mouth.

*And, finally, a Tweet I discovered from Drew Brees dated December 18, 2015--this is truly deplorable:

“I can’t believe Hans Solo died.”

That rotten son of a bi***!

All these years, Drew Brees, the golden boy, Mr. Squeaky Clean, was hiding an ugly side that would make even the infamous Walter White run and hide.

I think it’s time for the Steelers to put Drew Brees in his place.