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Keith Butler’s snafu regarding Tyler Eifert being a problem to cover makes his situation worse

Keith Butler is worried about a player on IR this Sunday.

Pittsburgh Steelers Mini Camp Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Sometimes you wish you could make stuff up with this Pittsburgh Steelers team, but you really can’t, can you?

Keith Butler, in an interview with Bob Labriola noted that the Steelers would have trouble covering Bengals Tight End Tyler Eifert.

The only issue is that Eifert has been on IR for most of the season after breaking his ankle.

In audio that was posted to Steelers Depot , Labriola said, “Tyler Eifert, where does he rank in your minds in terms of tight ends, you faced a lot good tight ends this season…”

Butler’s response: “Oh yeah, I think he’s very good, I think he’s up there, he can get deep on you, he does a good job of catching the ball downfield, all that stuff, so he’s going to be a problem for us to cover.”

Eifert has not played a snap of football since September 30th, and you would think the Defensive Coordinator should at least know this simple fact.

It becomes even more treacherous when you realize the last time the Steelers faced the Bengals, Eifert did not play. And not only did Eifert not play, but his backup C.J. Uzomah had 6 catches for 54 yards.

Maybe Butler was caught up in the heat of the moment, but this is a bad look for a guy who already has shaky job security at best. Steelers Nation has been critical of Butler, and this seems to only further his fall into the ever falling falling graces of the Steelers’ vast fan base.

This just isn’t a good look for any NFL coach, let alone a Defensive Coordinator on a team with Super Bowl aspirations. If your Defensive Coordinator is going full Stephen A. Smith, there is an issue.