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Steelers vs. Bengals, Week 17: Knee-jerk reactions to the Steelers’ 16-13 win over the Bengals

One BTSC writer shares his real-time, initial thoughts of the Steelers desperation season finale.

Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

A win is imperative and a win by the Browns over the Ravens is just as. It all comes down to the next few hours. Whether you’re pissed at the circumstances surrounding this game or 0not, if you are watching and obviously care.

Nonetheless, a simple reminder, a knee jerk reaction is an immediate and unthinking, emotional reaction. It’s basically shooting first and apologizing later. I can safely say that’s a true definition of your’s truly and a good lot of Steeler Nation. Here’s my real-time reactions during the Steelers’ most recent battle.

Quarter 1

  • No AB. I’d like to say no problem. But WR depth isn’t spectacular after JuJu.
NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
  • No Kirkpatrick either. That means less dumb penalties for Cincy.
  • Conner looks healthy on his two runs. He’s patient like a former RB here.
  • It’s weird hearing the name Hardy Nickerson.
  • Vance with the penalty. That can’t happen.
  • Vance with the retribution.
NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
  • Why not go for it here?
  • Crap! Tucker with a FG already.
  • Defense with a stop. Nice.
  • They’re going with the platoon at RB.
  • How sweet is the Breshard Perrmian TD against his former team. Keep it going Cleveland.
  • But Steelers might want to consider scoring.
  • Defense gave up a first down against scrubs.
  • A sack would have been nice. But Sutton with good pressure.
  • Another third-and-eight conversion. Wow!
  • Gotta tackle.
  • Ravens with another TD. 10-7.
  • Finally a sack.
  • Nice break up by Burnett.
  • Ouch. Core is really hurt.
  • Tuitt with a tip.
  • Switzer got them some room there.
  • So-So First Quarter. Need to get something going

Quarter 2

  • Ben was lucky to be able to dump that one off. DeCastro completely whiffed on that one.
  • Pick Six. They are playing too lackadaisical.
  • That’s why Ben’s not MVP.
Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images
  • Baltimore scored again. Up by ten.
  • This offense is vanilla without Brown.
  • Eli is a fumbler. Lucky he got it back.
  • Wide receivers aren’t getting open.
  • Looks like no help from Cleveland. But then again no help from the Steelers.
  • Got to get off of the field here.
  • Defense is a sieve.
  • Pittsburgh doesn’t get the bounces. At least they got the penalty call.
  • Refs missed a face mask on Haden.
  • Wow. An actual defensive stop.
  • Down ten now.
  • JuJu not looking like a WR1.
  • Fooled me. Nice sell by Ben and Conner. Now get seven.
  • Good effort by JuJu.
  • Cant fall apart here.
  • Here’s McCrane. Welcome to Pittsburgh.
  • But still. Bad half.

Quarter 3

  • No turnover.
  • John Ross could have caught that.
  • Have to stop them here.
  • Watt is the Edge they’ve been looking for.
  • Need to score now. Can’t waste this field position.
  • OPI? C’mon.
  • Berry is busy today.
  • Not playing with any heart here.
  • Nice sack by Cam.
  • Cleveland with a score. Down by six.
  • Nice stop by Burnett.
  • They just don’t have it. Maybe AB should have been named MVP.
  • That’s the play we’ve been looking for. Ben to Washington.
  • Conner with a nice run.
Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images
  • So McCrane goes to his left. He’s lucky that went through.
  • But Ravens up by nine.
  • McCrane really does kick short. Wonder if Berry could kick off.
  • Defensive TD would be nice here.
  • But I’ll accept the punt.
  • Conner running well. Nice cut back.

Quarter 4

  • Fourth Quarter might be a good time to come alive.
  • That JuJu catch will get reversed.
  • Washington with a nice block.
  • I love watching the Vanimal run with the ball.
  • Going for it all when you need a little...baffles me.
  • Got to go for it here.
  • Big play by Samuels.
  • Cleveland cuts it to six. Hope remains.
  • Dont love that short stuff, but Ill take eight.
  • Pouncey not having a good drive.
  • Field goal time. This is huge.
  • Nice effort for the lead.
  • McCrane looks like Eddie Munster.
  • Ouch! Gotta tackle Mixon.
  • That guy in the Bengal jammies is going to get his ass kicked.
  • Incomplete.
  • Sweet sack by Cam.
  • Ravens about to score.
  • Good effort by Conner.
  • Ben can still Houdini it.
  • Really got to score a TD here.
  • Cleveland making it interesting. Three point game.
  • I hate that shot stuff.
  • Let’s go McCrane.
  • Nice.
  • Cmon Defense.
  • Cleveland forced a punt. Oh my!
  • Senbaugh came up big. Switching to that game.
  • Praying for an overturn here. Looks like Jarvis Landry caught it for the Browns.
  • Yes! Get close and drain clock.
  • Crap! Back to hating the Browns.