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10 Things I Think I Thought while watching the Steelers get struck by lightning

A recollection of thoughts I think I thought while watching the Steelers lose in heartbreaking fashion to the San Diego...I mean...Los Angeles Chargers.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know how many people attended Sunday night’s game but I know one person that was there — Murphy. Everything that could go wrong did. Here are ten thoughts I had along the way.

  1. It must have happened while I made a run to the john. Surely some time during the game a giant Acme anvil must have fallen from the sky on the Steelers. If not it was the sole thing that could have gone wrong that managed not to go wrong. Every ball, and every call bounced the wrong way. I’m still seeing Keenan Lewis running by saying “meep, meep.”
  2. Take, for instance, Haden’s non-interception. How many of you remember a game against the Colts that ended when two of our DB’s collided at midfield, the ball popped up and some horseshoe headed guy ran it in from there? How many of you remember Hines Ward falling down, kicking the ball twenty feet in the air? I’m starting to think Frenchy Fuqua must have touched that ball and karma is continuing to pay us back.
  3. When Boz missed that PAT I felt the specter of last week’s game breathe his icy breath down my neck. By game’s end the ghost of football future was pointing a bony finger at this season’s gravestone- dying in December. (This week’s gratuitous literary reference.)
  4. Seriously, how many more games can we not win and still think we have a legitimate shot at winning it all? It has been wisely said that good luck, if you cut it, bleeds hard work. This team has more talent than a team with a good amount of talent. But they lack the focus, the determination, the discipline to a. take advantage of their opportunities b. put the final nails in the coffin and c. overcome adversity.
  5. Did the ref think the right tackle was going in motion?
  6. I’ve just been handed this bulletin- Sean Davis has been flagged for offsides for Oakland’s first field goal attempt this coming Sunday.
  7. #4 is not an argument for getting rid of Coach Tomlin. He’s not perfect, but he remains another great decision made by the Rooneys. When I hear anyone say, “Tomlin must go” I auto-correct it into “I say rash, emotional things that expose my folly to the world.”
  8. All I can figure on Ben’s pick is that it was supposed to be some kind of trick shot gone awry. I literally have no idea what he was thinking. I get overlooking a defender. I get jumped routes. I get tipped balls. I get missing a tiny window. I don’t get lofting an airball into a sea of white jerseys.
  9. If we do not win out in the regular season, I’m persuaded there is not a chance we will win out in the post season. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are men on the roster who are already thinking about next year. I’m not, but I may be soon.
  10. As awful as it was, and as awful as I was in my grouchiness, all is still right with the world. My dear wife still loves me.