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Pittsburgh Steelers secondary continues overhaul of jersey numbers

The Pittsburgh Steelers secondary will look a lot different next year — literally.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

When Joe Haden and Sean Davis changed their jersey number about a month ago, you could understand why. After all, Haden wasn’t given his No. 23 due to Mike Mitchell having it, and the No. 21 Davis wanted out of college was occupied by Robert Golden and then Haden.

With Golden and Mitchell being released it vacated their individual numbers. So, it made sense, to an extent.

Now, it seems to be getting a little ridiculous...

Newly acquired Burnett will wear his usual No. 42, but three other current members of the roster took at stab with a new number.

Mike Hilton will go from No. 31 to No. 28.

Stevan Ridley will go from No. 38 to No. 22.

Cameron Sutton will go from No. 34 to No. 20.

Throw in how Haden is now wearing No. 23, and Davis No. 21, and that equates to 5 players with new numbers for the upcoming 2018 season.

Might be smart to keep a roster handy for the preseason games next year so you know exactly who you are yelling at from the comfort of your own home.