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Pittsburgh Steelers raise ticket prices for the 2018 regular season

If you are making your trip to Heinz Field in 2018, it might cost you a little more than it did in previous years.

NFL: AFC Divisional Playoff-Jacksonville at Pittsburgh Steelers Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

If you have never been to Heinz Field before, you are really missing out on a special place. The atmosphere from when you walk onto the property with tailgating, etc. to the game itself — it is a magical place for Pittsburgh Steelers fans.

However, if you have never been, there are some likely big reasons why.

First, you might live far away. Whether overseas or on the other side of the country, traveling isn’t cheap.

Next, speaking of cheap — the tickets aren’t cheap at all. In fact, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the ticket prices are about to climb again for the 2018 regular season.

Before you slam your keyboard at work in disgust, realize the Steelers have been holding true to their every-other-year policy regarding ticket prices. Ticket prices didn’t change for the 2017 season, so the upcoming season means prices are about to climb.

How much will they be increased? This from the Trib:

In Section 130, for example, the price of a ticket has increased by an average of $6 per game from the 2017 season. For a 10-game package, including two preseason games, that amounts to a $60 increase per ticket. Last year, ticket prices were kept the same as in the 2016 season. Tickets in that section that averaged $121.60 per game in 2017 will cost $127.60 in 2018.

While the hike in prices isn’t astronomical, it is still more money. If you have 4 season tickets, you are talking about a $240 increase for the 2018 regular season. Say what you want, but there will be some who are not on board with these changes.

Either way, if you are making the trip to Heinz Field, better be ready to pony up some more cash...and don’t get me started on beer prices.