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Steelers officially host a trio of defenders, but the mystery visitor also makes news

The Pittsburgh Steelers might be playing some games with their pre-draft visits.

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers hosted more prospects on Tuesday at their team headquarters, and the official list included a linebacker and two safeties.

The official pre-draft visit list:

Florida State LB Matthew Thomas
Penn State S Marcus Allen
Southern Miss S Tarvarius Moore

Pretty standard list, right? Well, it looked as if it would be a standard day, regarding pre-draft visits, until news started swirling about Stanford safety Justin Reid. On Reid’s official Instagram page he posted several story videos of himself at the team’s headquarters for a pre-draft visit.

All fine and dandy, except the Steelers didn’t list him on the official visitor list.

As far as our understanding, the Steelers don’t technically have to report Reid as a visitor, or it could have been a simple error throughout the reporting process. Nonetheless, with Reid in the mix, the Steelers trio of safeties are certainly ones which could find their way to the Steelers in way shape or form.

Reid could be considered a first round talent, while Allen and Moore are both considered to be Day 2 prospects in the 2018 NFL Draft.

With all the talk of safeties, linebacker Matthew Thomas kind of goes under the radar. This is what his NFL Scouting Report says of the projected late round pick:

Thomas is lacking in many of the areas teams covet in linebacker play. His instincts are poor, he doesn’t always play with a competitive demeanor, he’s not a downhill player and he lacks play strength and productivity for the position. However, Thomas does possess a long frame with outstanding play speed and the potential to make plays. It’s his athletic traits and “potential” that will give him a shot as a WILL linebacker who will need to excel on special teams to stick with a team long-term.

Stay tuned to all the news surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers pre-draft visits with the BTSC Pre-Draft Visit Tracker.