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Steelers “Sour 16” Bracket Round 2: Jarvis Jones vs Troy Edwards

Another Steeler “Sour 16” matchup pits together college studs that couldn’t support the weight of Steeler Nation in the pros.

Browns v Steelers   X

The second round of the Steelers “Sour 16” continues with a Cowher/Tomlin Region matchup. Last time around, 1985’s 20th Darryl Sims had 69% of the vote over John Rienstra and advances to the third round.

As we turn to the players who rank in the lower echelon of picks from the Cowher/Tomlin years, we have some bracket maintenance to do. The “Sour 16” committee had decided to not precede with the Chad Scott/Rashard Mendenhall matchup and disqualify them both from consideration, giving Jamain Stephens a bye into the semifinals. Your comments in the inaugural article revolving these players were listened to and the committee caved. Basically, it was me deciding to pull a Wrestlemania IV and have Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan battle to a draw giving Ted Dibiase a free pass to the finals. Really it was done so I don’t have to read comments from a scant few of you complaining about the site just because I’ve included certain guys. I usually include a disclaimer, but some of you merely scan or don’t have any reading comprehension beyond what irks you. The bottom line is that it proves just how good Steeler first rounds have been in the last 50 years.

This time around, we will choose between a recent whipping post of Steeler Nation and a small receiver from a small school. It’s 2013’s Jarvis Jones vs.1999’s Troy Edwards.

Jones was the top pick for Steeltown in the 2013 draft, but never panned out. I was the “one guy” that bought his jersey. So maybe I shouldn’t be throwing stones here. Anyhow, the two-time consensus All-American at Georgia had a combined 28 sacks in 2011 and 2012. As a pro, Jones had six.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Edwards had big numbers at Louisiana Tech with 4,352 receiving yards over three seasons and 50 TDs. Against Nebraska in 1998, Edwards caught 21 passes for 405 yards. He started out well enough in Pittsburgh with 61 catches and five TDs as a rookie, but he only caught 37 passes for no scores after that and was left unprotected in the 2002 expansion draft. His biggest mistake was going out of bounds and coming back in on punt coverage during the 2001 AFCCG against the Patriots. With the second chance, Troy Brown took the next punt to the house in the 24-17 loss,

Who is moving on? You decide. And as always, keep checking in to BTSC for the “Sour 16” and everything Steelers.


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