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NFL Picks and Predictions: 2018 Steelers regular season predictions

Some way too early predictions for the 2018 Pittsburgh Steelers.

NFL: AFC Divisional Playoff-Jacksonville at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Of course there will be a prediction article the day after the 2018 NFL schedule was released. What else would we do? Talk about the 2018 NFL Draft?


To save everyone the anger and resentment towards me for my actions here, I’ll make this quick and painless. The prediction, and a quick blurb explaining why the Steelers will win or lose that particular game. Feel free to lambaste me in the comment section below.

Here goes nothing...

Week 1 — 1:00pm at Cleveland Browns

Result: Win

The Steelers will have to work for it, but I like them starting off 1-0.

Week 2 — 1:00pm vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Result: Win
Welcome to the big show Patrick Mahomes. The Steelers own the Chiefs at Heinz Field and baptize the young quarterback with fire.

Week 3 — 8:15pm at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (MNF)

Result: Win
Jameis Winston and the Bucs offense might be impressive, but the Steelers put on a show on Monday night.

Week 4 — 8:20pm vs. Baltimore Ravens (SNF)

Result: Win
The Steelers have beaten the Ravens a lot recently, and they keep this trend going with a big prime time win at Heinz Field.

Week 5 — 1:00pm vs. Atlanta Falcons

Result: Loss
Julio Jones is just too much for the Steelers’ secondary, and the Falcons escape Pittsburgh with a hard fought win.

Week 6 — 1:00pm at Cincinnati Bengals

Result: Win
Not much gets your blood pumping than a showdown with the Bengals in Cincinnati. The Steelers own Paul Brown Stadium.

Week 7 — BYE

Week 8 — 1:00pm vs. Cleveland Browns

Result: Win
Coming off a bye the Steelers are tough, especially at home.

Week 9 — 1:00pm at Baltimore Ravens

Result: Loss
The M&T Bank Stadium curse was lifted for just one year. Welcome back to the hell hole.

Week 10 — 8:20pm vs. Carolina Panthers (TNF)

Result: Win
The last time the Steelers played Cam Newton they left him battered and beaten. I expect something similar.

Week 11 — 8:20pm at Jacksonville Jaguars (SNF)

Result: Win
Revenge is served, and the Steelers pour it on.

Week 12 — 4:25pm at Denver Broncos

Result: Win
I honestly don’t see the Broncos being that great this season. Case Keenum is going to try and prove the doubters wrong. I’m still a doubter.

Week 13 — 1:00pm vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Result: Win
This is one of those games which could go either way. The Chargers were a field goal kicker away from a playoff berth last year, but the Steelers playing a west coast team at home...I’ll take the home team.

Week 14 — 8:20pm at Oakland Raiders (SNF)

Result: Loss
The Steelers never win in Oakland. Never.

Week 15 — 4:25pm vs. New England Patriots

Result: Loss
The Patriots to Patriots things and find a way to win...again.

Week 16 — 4:25pm at New Orleans Saints

Result: Win
In a track meet in the dome, the Steelers’ offense gets the best of Drew Brees and the boys.

Week 17 — 1:00pm vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Result: Win
Another season sweep of the Bengals, and life is good as the Steelers roll into the playoffs.

Overall Record Prediction: 12-4