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Steelers “Sour 16“ Semifinal: 1996 Jamain Stephens vs. 2013 Jarvis Jones

BTSC concludes the Cowher/Tomlin Regional in their ”Sour 16” fan bracket of the more ill-advised first rounders in Steelers lore since 1969.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Philadelphia Eagles

BTSC is nearing the conclusion of the fan poll series that determines the player that the Steelers selected first that didn’t quite cut the Heinz mustard the most. In the Noll Regional final, 1991’s Huey Richardson’s landslide decision over 1985’s Darryl Sims landed the one-season Steeler in the ”Sour 16” finals with over 92% of the vote.

Here are the finalists from the Cowher/Tomlin bracket.

1996 Jamain Stephens

OT North Carolina A&T

As AFC champions and the draft day addition of Jerome Bettis, the 1996 Steelers could afford to go with a project on the offensive line with not having glaring holes to fill and they did so with the mammoth Jamain Stephens who went 6’6” and 330 pounds. The North Carolina A&T standout started five games for the team in 1997 and ten in ‘98 after not playing at all his first season. However, No. 67 was marred by a sub-par work ethic and below average play, despite beating out Paul Wiggins to start at RT in 1997. We have mentioned the infamous “sideline pizza devouring” incident, but another note of infamy was when Stephens showed up at Camp Cowher over 350 pounds and nearly collapsed during the traditional 40-yard sprints at the start of training camp in 1999 at Saint Vincent. He then proceeded to walk the remaining three sprints. Coach Cowher was said to cut him that very evening.

2013 Jarvis Jones

OLB University of Georgia

The two-time consensus All-American at Georgia had a combined 28 sacks in 2011 and 2012. SacMan Jones was always a half-step late to the quarterback when coming off of the edge and finished four years as a Steeler with six sacks of opposing quarterbacks. Jones was expected to be the steal of the draft and went as far as to sign a national endorsement deal with Subway. He was considered by some to be “can’t miss”. He missed.

Be sure to vote below and see who battles 1991’s Huey Richardson for the distiction of wearing BTSC’s “Sour 16” thorny crown.


Who joins Huey Richardson in the finals of BTSC’s "Sour 16"?

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  • 66%
    Jamain Stephens
    (521 votes)
  • 33%
    Jarvis Jones
    (261 votes)
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