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Steelers “Sour 16”: Final Results

BTSC’s quest to discover the identity of the first round selection of the Pittsburgh Steelers who readers feel missed the mark completely has concluded. The results are in.

Super Bowl XLIII Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

BTSC readers have voted and the player selected first each of the past 49 years since 1969 that readers deem the biggest disappointment is...

Huey Richardson

The final tally is as follows.

1991 Huey Richardson-University of Florida 57%

1996 Jamain Stephens-North Carolina A&T 43%

Here is the order of finish for the entire field.

  1. 1991 Huey Richardson-University of Florida
  2. 1996 Jamain Stephens-North Carolina A&T
  3. 2013 Jarvis Jones-University of Georgia
  4. 1985 Darryl Sims-University of Wisconsin
  5. 1999 Troy Edwards-Louisiana Tech University
  6. 1986 John Rienstra-Temple University
  7. 1989B Tom Ricketts-University of Pittsburgh
  8. 1989A Tim Worley-University of Georgia
  9. 1980 Mark Malone-Arizona State University
  10. 1988 Aaron Jones-Eastern Kentucky University
  11. 2009 Evander “Ziggy” Hood-University of Missouri
  12. 2015 Alvin “Bud” Dupree-University of Kentucky
  13. 1993 Deon Figures-University of Colorado
  14. 1979 Greg Hawthorne-Baylor University
  15. 2008 Rashard Mendenhall-University of Illinois
  16. 1997 Chad Scott-University of Maryland

Once again, the prevailing sentiment learned from this fan poll is that the Steelers have had great success from the past 50 picks and that some members of this poll should have not been included. That's how good the top of the draft has been in the Steel City. Let’s hope that continues tonight.