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Not all NFL Draft “experts” hated the Steelers pick of Terrell Edmunds

While Steelers fans around the globe scratched their heads, there were some NFL Draft analysts who liked the team’s top pick.

NFL: NFL Draft Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Ahh the NFL Draft. We all love it, as teams add talent to their roster, but there is a large part of the process which is absolutely mind-numbing.

The immediate grades, and got-it-right vs. got-it-wrong type of commentary immediately after a selection is made has almost become laughable. Grading a player who has never stepped foot onto an NFL field is the epitome of a knee jerk reaction.

Thinking about the Pittsburgh Steelers, there are any number of players who have received poor immediate grades, but eventually panned out. That is the hope for the team’s top draft pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, Terrell Edmunds.

After the Steelers took the Virginia Tech safety with the 28th overall pick, the vitriol on social media was palpable. NFL Draftniks called it a ‘reach’ and all gave their overall grade of Edmunds being a mid-round selection, at best.

Fans read these tweets and posts, and it alters their overall perception of the pick. Notice the key word there perception, and not reality. The reality is Edmunds will have plenty of time to carve out his own story, but there were some NFL personnel who weren’t upset with the pick. Some actually LIKE it.

Check out some of the reviews after the pick was made:

I know, these aren’t necessarily glowing endorsements of the pick, but at least show some ‘outside the box’ thinking. Something I hope fans can do when it comes to the 2018 draft class. On paper it might seem odd, but if you let it play out you might just be surprised.

Stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news on the 2018 NFL Draft class, offseason workouts and more surrounding the black-and-gold.