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Former Steelers CB Senquez Golson signs with Oakland Raiders

The former second round pick for the Pittsburgh Steelers is getting a second chance with the Oakland Raiders.

When the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Senquez Golson in the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft, they thought they were getting their slot cornerback of the future. A player who is capable of not just covering slot receivers, but even tight ends who line up out wide.

What the Steelers actually received was a player cursed with injuries and never even stepped foot on the field in a preseason game, let alone a regular season game.

After his release from Pittsburgh, Golson was given a chance with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on their practice squad before getting released again. Heading into the 2018 regular season, Jon Gruden and the Oakland Raiders are kicking Golson’s tires.

While Golson certainly has the potential to play in the NFL, his injury history certainly has to be a red flag for franchises looking for a second round talent on the cheap.

Question now is will he stay healthy? The Steelers have moved on and found Mike Hilton to do what Golson was supposed to do. The Raiders aren’t betting a lot on him, but Steelers fans will always wonder “what if” when it comes to Golson and what could have been.