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2018 NFL Draft TV numbers show the event is more popular than ever

While some are under the impression the NFL is might want to look at some of these numbers.

NFL: NFL Draft Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

There is something special about the NFL Draft. You might complain about the event being dragged out over three days, but this is when every fan base gets a glimpse at the new talent added to the roster.

As I always say, hope springs eternal on NFL Draft weekend.

Before going any further, it should be noted there is a large sect of people who believe the NFL has witnessed the its peak, and is in decline. It was a rough year for the NFL in 2017, but if the 2018 NFL Draft viewer statistics show whether the league is surviving or thriving?

Yeah, just look at the statistics...

Talk about thriving. Increase of viewership up by 25-percent? That is incredible. Now, I realize the addition of FOX covering the draft certainly helps bring the draft to the mainstream masses, considering not everyone gets ESPN or the NFL Network on their basic cable package.

Don’t let these numbers fool you. They aren’t doctored, but they also aren’t indicative of the popularity of the game as a whole. Many will still rebuke the system for things like violence, protests and a myriad of other issues currently surrounding the National Football League. But when Roger Goodell and company hear the game is dying, they can at least point to these television ratings and just laugh.