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Christian Scotland-Williamson’s reaction when getting the call from the Steelers is priceless

The Steelers are bringing in former rugby player Christian Scotland-Williamson, and his reaction to the phone call from Pittsburgh was awesome.

Robbie Stephenson/JMP

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a part of an NFL program which helps not only promote the game abroad, but also bring talented players to the league.

The Steelers were able to add aspiring tight end Christian Scotland-Williamson, a former rugby player, to their practice squad. The NFL is giving them an exemption for Scotland-Williamson, giving them 11 total players on their eventual practice squad.

This is great for the team, and the game, but Scotland-Williamson’s reaction to the phone call from Omar Khan is absolutely priceless. This isn’t a player getting drafted, but just a shot at the practice squad, for at least one year.

Take a look:

As a rugby player, Scotland-Williamson isn’t afraid of contact. While he wants to be a tight end, after watching this clip they might want to try him out at inside linebacker.

Stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the black-and-gold as they prepare for minicamp, offseason workouts and the eventual regular season.