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Marcus Allen comes to the Steelers with a giant chip on his shoulder

The second of the two Steelers safeties in the 2018 draft class brings a chip on his shoulder to the team, and the defense.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers needed defensive help heading into the 2018 NFL Draft, and they got it in a variety of ways. Most notably would be their two safeties selected in the first round (Terrell Edmunds) and the fifth round (Marcus Allen). Both are very similar, yet very different, in a lot of ways.

In the case of Allen, he brings with him an edge, or a swagger if you will, which is often times innately found within a player. What makes Allen play with such an edge? As he told Teresa Varley of the Steelers official website — he is just thrilled to be in his current situation.

“It felt great just walking into the facility knowing I am part of the organization,” said Allen. “I am so happy and blessed to be in this position. I just have to make every moment count.

“It’s a blessing. I have been dreaming about this all of my life. To be here living my dream, it’s unbelievable.

”Right now I am just working to get better. I am working on special teams, working my butt off in individual drills and showing off my work ethic. I want to get on the field as fast as possible and work my butt off.”

This work ethic is something which was noted in his NFL Draft profile, and something which certainly made him a good prospect for the black-and-gold. However, Allen is learning the defense right along with new defensive backs coach Tom Bradley. The two have a unique connection, and it all goes back to their Penn State roots.

“It feels great,” said Allen. “He is a Penn State guy. The way he teaches and explains things is incredible. I’m blessed to have him as a coach. He is new to it, so he is going to explain it the best way possible because of how he is learning it.”

Allen is saying all the right things, and looks as if he is doing all he right things as well, but he comes to the Steelers with a big chip on his shoulder. After being tagged as a potential 2nd or 3rd round pick, Allen slid all the way to the 5th round — and to the Steelers.

“I always have a chip on my shoulder,” said Allen. “I have this big bolder on my back, on my shoulder, since I was in little league. There is never a day I don’t have a chip on my shoulder.”

Regardless of where he was drafted, who is coaching him or his attitude towards the overall situation, Allen is approaching his job the best way possible.

By keeping his nose down and working his tail off. His ability to realize special teams is likely the best way for him to get on the field as a rookie is a trait of someone who realizes his situation, and grasps it.

Will Allen find the field outside of coverage and return teams? Ultimately that is up to him, but if one thing is for sure, Allen isn’t going to be giving in to anyone anytime soon.