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Steelers OTAs Day 2 Recap: Will Antonio Brown’s advice for Le’Veon Bell fall on deaf ears?

Breaking down the latest news from the Steelers’ latest OTA workout.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Le’Veon Bell’s current situation is unique. He didn’t choose to have the franchise tag placed on him, but is doing the best he can to negotiate and leverage himself for negotiations with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Since the Steelers haven’t used the frachise tag on someone not named Bell since they placed it on Jeff Reed, not many can really give advice on Bell’s current situation. However, if someone were close, it would be Antonio Brown.

Brown spoke to the media Wednesday after the team’s second Organized Team Activities (OTAs) workout, and he had some advice for his friend, and teammate, Bell:

Show up.

See what he had to say, per Aditi Kinkabwala of the NFL Network:

While Brown was always under contract, he knows what it is like to not feel appreciated, and or paid what he is worth. When Brown was grossly underpaid, he kept showing up. Eventually the Steelers rewarded Brown with a very lucrative contract.

The same can be said about Alejandro Villanueva. As a starting left tackle in the NFL, Villanueva was making less than one million dollars a year. With every right to not show and make a statement to the team, Villanueva kept showing up and was paid handsomely on the first day of training camp last season.

The advice is simple, but will it fall on deaf ears? My guess is nothing will change...regardless of teammates’ requests.

Time to check in on what else went down on the Steelers’ second OTA session:

When left is right, and right is left

In yesterday’s recap we wrote about the reports of Bud Dupree taking reps on the opposite side of the field. Media spoke to T.J. Watt about the switch, and, as expected, Watt was selfless in his willingness to do whatever it takes for the team to win.

Fans shouldn’t put too much stock into this, but wait until training camp before drawing any serious conclusions. The more you can do, the better the defense will be.