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James Washington talks about playing alongside Antonio Brown, and the Steelers taking Mason Rudolph

James Washington is the latest player to be selected into the ‘Wide Receiver Factory’ that is the Pittsburgh Steelers. Get to know a little more about the Oklahoma State wide out.

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers might as well call themselves the Wide Receiver Factory when you think about the talent they have produced in the Kevin Colbert era. Not only players like Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant, but also Santonio Holmes and Emmanuel Sanders. The list could go on, but the fact remains when a new player is brought into the fold, like JuJu Smith-Schuster last season, there can be pressure attached with it.

This is now what new second round pick James Washington faces as he looks to have a large role with the organization starting from Day 1.

Washington spoke about this with the Steelers’ Missi Mathews in his first interview since being drafted, but he didn’t just talk about being picked by Pittsburgh, he talked about everything from growing up on a farm, how he looked up to Antonio Brown and Dez Bryant as a younger player and what it will be like when he puts on the black-and-gold for the first time.

Check out the full interview below: