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Steelers 2018 Rookie Highlights: Marcus Allen brings the boom for Penn State

Check out what Marcus Allen was able to do while at Penn State.

NCAA Football: Iowa at Penn State Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

By this point you have heard plenty of bad surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers2018 NFL Draft class. How the team reached on more than one occasion, and didn’t draft enough NFL ready talent to capitalize on the team’s Super Bowl window.

Despite all the bad talk surrounding the class, what about the good? What about the plays which turned heads, and helped get them drafted?

After showing Terrell Edmunds’ highlight reel, it seemed natural to show Marcus Allen’s highlights. Allen is not the same type of player as Edmunds, and is more of a “thumper”.

With that in mind I wanted to show Steelers fans what Allen is capable of. You know, the good stuff. I found a pretty great highlight reel (music is not be safe for work), and it shows just what Allen brings to the black-and-gold.

Sure, it is easy to watch a players highlights and be mesmerized, but this video shows Allen’s tackling skills, along with his hard-hitting and overall playmaking ability. Check out the video below, and feel free to critique it and say how bad the pick was for the Steelers in the comment section below.