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Watch Mason Rudolph get grilled on the white board by Steve Mariucci

See what the Pittsburgh Steelers third round pick does with the pressure of former NFL head coach Steve Mariucci grilling him.

Oklahoma State v TCU Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Maybe it is just me, but when Jon Gruden decided to return to the NFL sideline with the Raiders, I got a little sad.

Not because I’m a huge Gruden fan, but because I loved watching the Gruden QB Camp segments on ESPN leading up to the NFL Draft. Sure, they were weird, wacky and a bit on the cheesy side, but it was cool to watch an NFL prospect go into Gruden’s den to be asked a myriad of questions about the game of football.

Some came out of the Gruden QB Camp smelling like roses, while others were left with more questions than answers. With Gruden gone, the league had to do something to fill the void. On the NFL Network they decided to put former NFL head coach Steve Mariucci to work by grilling prospects on his whiteboard.

One of those segments was devoted to now Pittsburgh Steelers third round draft pick Mason Rudolph. Watch Rudolph answer questions, recite playcalls and show a recall necessary to be a signal caller in the NFL.

Some very simple takeaways from the segment:

  • Rudolph is ridiculously polite young man
  • He is a very confident player
  • If he doesn’t have a high football IQ, he fakes it well
  • Seems poised to be great

Watch the video below: