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Ramon Foster gives his list of Steelers players who have impressed this offseason

The Steelers’ starting guard gives talks players who have been turning heads this offseason.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers-Minicamp Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Last season Ramon Foster could have been labeled a fortune teller after mandatory minicamp wrapped up. After the final workout, the Steelers official website asked him who impressed on the field the past few weeks.

His answer was, “No. 40”, and that player was none other than Mike Hilton.

As we all know, Hilton went on to be a large part of the Steelers’ defense in 2017 and did more than just make Foster look like a tremendous prognosticator, he proved to be a critical part of the team.

So, with his 2017 prediction proved accurate, who stood out through 2018 Organized Team Activities (OTAs) and mandatory minicamp?

“No 38, the kid from North Carolina Sate,” Foster told Mike Prisuta of this week.

“He looks well conditioned,” Foster assessed. “He’s a guy that’s finding the hole and going, he’s fast. He has to work on a few things as far as protections, but he’s looking really good.”

“He’s doing more than just run the ball,” Foster said. “Le’Veon (Bell) created the blueprint for this thing. If you’re a young running back that’s coming up, learn how to run the ball and catch the ball.

“He’s made two or three combat catches in the end zone, back-shoulder fades and jump-balls where you’re like, ‘this kid’s got something,’ receiver stuff, which is huge. That gives him an opportunity. He’s just so stoic, too. He’ll catch the ball and just go back like it’s work as usual. That’s what you have to appreciate about a young guy like that.”

“Another one is (running back James) Conner,” Foster continued. “Conner is looking really damn good. No. 38 and Conner have both had really good off-seasons.

“Another one is (wide receiver) Justin Hunter. He’s making plays I didn’t see him make all of last year, for sure. Justin’s looking like a guy, I wouldn’t be surprised if Justin has a really good year this year. Deep balls, high jump-balls, he’s just catching combat catches. Justin is looking really good.”

“Justin, No. 38 and Conner have had really good springs. Those three are guys I’m really looking forward to seeing (in training camp), but mostly Justin.”

Foster has called his shot before, but will he be able to do it again? If he does, it would only mean good things for the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense in 2018.