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Home of the Steelers, Heinz Field, ranks 5th among all NFL stadiums

The ‘Big Ketchup Bottle’ ranked high among NFL stadiums across the league, but should it be higher?

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is having a major problem in their sport, and it doesn’t surround anthem protests, or head trauma. No, it surrounds the stadium experience for fans. To be honest, many are choosing to just stay home rather than fight traffic, fans, prices and other hassles which accompany the NFL game day experience.

In a recent article by the Sporting News, they ranked all 31 NFL stadiums from best-to-worst. This assignment was certainly more difficult than many might believe. Everyone always looks for different things which make them enjoy a specific stadium/experience.

For instance, some might light the comfort which comes from a dome, or covered, stadium, while others want to feel the elements. Some might want to have a view of the city, while the overall experience and feel of the venue trumps the visuals. Comfort can also play a role, and the type of seats and view of the playing field might be more important.

In other words, these rankings are extremely subjective.

Personally, I have only been to a handful of stadiums, and each has their positives and negatives. As an example, I have been on the field at FedEx Field, home of the Washington Redskins, and have enjoyed the in-game experience. The fans around us, as fans of the visiting team, were not nasty, the people working the game were more than generous and you can’t beat the up-close-and-personal view of the black-and-gold. However, getting in and out of FedEx Field is an absolute nightmare.

Having only one way in and out is a cluster, to say the least.

Compare that to Heinz Field, and you have a different experience altogether. A field with corners open, much smaller than FedEx or Jerry’s World in Dallas, but a unique feeling about it. When rocking, there aren’t many stadiums which can top the rocking you feel at Heinz Field.

Nonetheless, check out the Top 10 stadiums, what they said about Heinz Field, and be sure to let us know what you think about the rankings in the comment section below!

1. ​Lambeau Field (Packers)
2. ​CenturyLink Field (Seahawks)
3. ​AT&T Stadium (Cowboys)
4. ​Arrowhead Stadium (Chiefs)

5. Heinz Field (Steelers)

Open since: 2001

Capacity: 68,400

This venue gets bonus points for serving as a great supporting actor in The Dark Night Rises, even if its playing surface was CGI-harmed in the process. It’s a beautiful open setting worthy of all the traditions of Black and Gold, down to the last Terrible Towel.

6. ​Mercedes-Benz Superdome (Saints)
7. ​Levi’s Stadium (49ers)
8. ​University of Phoenix Stadium (Cardinals)
9. ​U.S. Bank Stadium (Vikings)
10. ​Mercedes-Benz Stadium (Falcons)