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Steelers fans get a glimpse of the early Madden NFL 19 Overall Ratings

Get a glimpse of the early Overall Rankings for the Steelers in the new Madden NFL 19 game.

Game Maker Electronic Arts Holds Annual Event At E3 Industry Event In Los Angeles Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

While I’m not a gamer, there are a ton of people who await the release of video games like kids waiting for Christmas morning. For the sports fanatic, there aren’t many game releases more anticipated than the Madden NFL series.

What started as the John Madden NFL game for Super Nintendo has now morphed into a whole new world. A world so far removed from its origins that it almost seems completely foreign. Nonetheless, the institution which has become the Madden franchise knows all too well how to promote its upcoming release.

The latest news was the release of the Top Overall Rankings per team, and if you’re a fan of Madden you might want to see how the Pittsburgh Steelers look in the upcoming game.

Check out the screen shot below:

Some solid grades for the boys in black-and-gold, but if you’re a person who wants to know about ALL grades, not just the Steelers, check out the video below which goes through the entire league.

All of you Madden gamers out there...enjoy!