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Steelers 2018 theme needs to be ‘United We Stand’, not ‘Divided We Fall’

If this group is more than just a collection of individuals, it would be nice for the leaders to show the way.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers-Minicamp Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The quest for winning a franchise-record seventh Super Bowl comes with added luggage and twists. It’s simple — what makes this group tick? Money, or winning championships?

Ten years have officially passed since the Steelers won their last Super Bowl, and eight since their last trip to the big dance. If there is one thing that of those teams can pass on, it’s the lesson how it’s not just about unity, but also holding each other accountable. It kind of relates to many daily jobs, and responsibilities which we endure in life — I did what I had to do, but I’m not going to come do double work just to make your job easier.

On one hand, you’ve got Le’Veon Bell who expects to be paid in the ballpark of $14.5-17 million dollars for a new contract. For all intents and purposes, he seems prepared to sit out the entire preseason, but be there when it counts for the start of the regular season.

What does this all mean, extra work for the rest of his linemen and teammates until Week 1.

Then you have Antonio Brown giving advice to Bell, “The first rule of getting better is showing up.” and “You can’t make anything better without showing up.” What seems ironic is Antonio Brown defending himself on how the media’s portrayal of him about not being present to several Organized Team Activities (OTAs) himself.

Lastly, you’ve got Ben Roethlisberger, who’s a year removed from saying he needs to take time to evaluate his health and future before he firmly decides his football career. Now it’s changed to, “I care about record-breaking Super Bowls and things like that -- that’s more important to me,” which the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Quarterback told ESPN from his football pro camp on Father’s Day in Pittsburgh. Interesting, this sounds a lot like when he made a comment five years ago when he “wanted to have more Super Bowls than Terry Bradshaw.”

Well guess what? Tom Brady’s been there and done that. Can we really trust Ben’s mindset at this point?

Take all three of these personalities and you’ve got an, “every man for himself,” mentality. Many have accused this current group of not doing things the, ‘Steeler Way.” Yes, we realize these are different times in the life of social media, but they can’t allow ego to get in the way of team goals!

If you put something out there, be prepared for the criticism that comes with the territory. Aside from Mike Tomlin, I believe this looks worse for Ben. If your guy under center has any doubt and no clear answers, guess what’s going to happen? Miscommunication, bickering, chaos, etc. Everybody needs to be united as one, versus divided they fall because, if not, this season can run off the tracks real quick.

If another championship is going to be added, they must stand up for each other and avoid individual sagas which can put the individual above the team.