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If you could pick one Steelers great to help the current roster, who would it be?

If you had the ability to welcome back any all-time Steelers’ player back for the 2018 campaign, who would it be?

Pittsburgh Steelers v San Diego Chargers Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

The NFL offseason is a fun time to drift off into Steelers Fantasyland. Some people feel that the black-and-gold are championship contenders, some feel they’re still one player away, and other fans feel they’re headed in the wrong direction.

A few days ago, BTSC had an article asking what one change in Steelers’ history would you, the reader, make. Also, Rod Woodson made comments regarding the Steelers lack of defensive playmakers. This made me wonder what the 2018 Steelers would look like with the Hall of Fame cornerback helping to neutralize opposing offenses.

So in that spirit, if you could take any Steelers player in history, and add him to the current Pittsburgh roster to aid their quest for a seventh Lombardi, who would it be?

Would you rather have Jack Lambert roaming the middle at linebacker, or Heath Miller or Eric Green back at the Tight End spot? How about the 6’2” John Stallworth teaming up with AB and JuJu Smith-Schuster at Wide Receiver?

There are so many options.

Granted the average height and weight of a player from “back then” was less than what it is today, so let’s not get into the weeds with that and exclude a player for being too small for today’s standards and just judge the caliber of player they were.

Use the comments section to suggest a player that would fulfill your fantasy for the new season. Then I’ll talk to our BTSC scientists to begin the rejuvenation process. Perhaps then Omar Khan and Kevin Colbert could squeeze him in at the veteran minimum.

If it was up to me, Mel Blount should be waiting by his phone.