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Morgan Burnett admires Steelers’ locker room bond, getting comfortable in new surroundings

The newly acquired free agent safety, Morgan Burnett, is starting to get comfortable in the Steel City.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Players who come to Pittsburgh to play for the Steelers often say there is something different about the organization and fan base. As fans of the Steelers, we don’t know any different. All we know is the continuity and winning culture which started back in the 70s with Chuck Noll taking over.

However, it is always interesting to hear this from players, especially veterans, who have played for other teams throughout their career. In the case of Morgan Burnett, who played his entire career up until this point with the Green Bay Packers, his comments regarding the Steelers’ locker room bond and team are worth noting.

“It’s fun,” Burnett told Teresa Varley of the Steelers official website. “You can tell how they compete. They have a tight bond. You enjoy it. When you go out on the field you are competing at a high level. Guys are working hard and holding each other accountable. That is what I respect about this team.”

Burnett was accustomed to going against the likes of Aaron Rodgers and company, but going against the Steelers’ offense is a whole new level for him.

“You are talking about going against some of the best in the league, the best in the league,” said Burnett. “You are going against that every day, every week. You know you are going to be prepared when it comes to game day situations or whatever situations you are in on game day.”

Comparisons aside, Burnett is just excited to be in Pittsburgh, but might be more excited to put the shoulder pads on and start hitting. After all, it is what he is paid to do.

“You need to get outside more, especially at my position get out on the field,” said Burnett. “Train with weighted vests so you get used to when you come back with helmets and shoulder pads on. Get outside and keep working on my craft with my defensive back techniques.

“(When you get to camp), now you are playing football. Right now it’s conditioning, getting in position, getting your feet under you. When you come back it’s really football. It’s a contact sport, showing your physicality, being where you need to be. It’s game like situations you are going through in training camp. That is when football really starts. I am definitely looking forward to it. It should be fun.”

But what about the Steelers’ defensive scheme? How has the transition been for the veteran safety? Not too bad...

“I am comfortable with it,” said Burnett. “It’s a similar scheme to what I was running my eight years in Green Bay. It’s familiar. Now it’s just learning the terminology, putting it together. And getting used to working with my teammates.”

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the safety position heading into 2018. No one really knows what will take place at the position, but if you are a bettor, you could put some safe money down on Burnett being on the field when the real games start taking place. His versatility, and experience, are exactly what the team needs at the position.