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Predicting the Steelers 53-man roster, by position: Safety

While other outlets are giving you just one bland prediction article, we are taking it position-by-position as we make our way to the team’s 53-man roster.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers-Minicamp Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you who read the headline to this article and rolled your eyes thinking “Here we go again with another 53-man roster prediction article” — think again.

Every outlet around the country is doing their own version of predicting who will, and won’t, make the Pittsburgh Steelers’ final roster after training camp, and the preseason, has officially ended, but I decided to go a bit more in-depth on the prediction side of things. Therefore, I decided to lead up to my first complete 53-man roster prediction by going position-by-position and deciding who will make the team, and who won’t.

Today’s position: Safety

Depth Chart/Roster:

Sean Davis
Morgan Burnett
Terrell Edmunds
Nat Berhe
Marcus Allen
Jordan Dangerfield
Malik Golden

There is a reason I started with the safeties on the team’s roster. Why? Because it is one of those positions no one really knows what is going to happen. We may have an idea as to who will make the team, but at what capacity?

This may be something which won’t get decided until training camp/the preseason rolls around, but I have a feeling I know what the depth chart will look like, and how each player will fit into the team’s scheme when all is said and done, barring injury.


Sean Davis — Davis is likely to move from Strong Safety to Free Safety, especially when Keith Butler lauded his range at the conclusion of mandatory minicamp. Davis has the most experience in the Steelers’ system, and will have to step up in a big way this year.

Morgan Burnett — Burnett is one of the best tackling safeties in the NFL, and the Steelers will need him to prove his worth for them this year as the team’s starting Strong Safety. While he may be asked to leave the field in certain situations, his versatiltiy and experience make him a starter, and a tremendous pickup.

Sub Package Player(s):

Terrell Edmunds — You may not have liked the Steelers’ first pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, but you might want to get used to him being on the field. Edmunds is likely to be a key player for the Steelers when they go to specific sub packages. Edmunds and Burnett very well could be utilized in a three safety look with one player in the box while the other in more of a traditional strong safety look.

Special Teamers:

Marcus Allen — The team’s 5th round pick might not find the field much for standard 11-on-11 play, but he could be a huge player on special teams. Allen could turn into a special teams ace, as well as quality depth at the safety position.

Nat Berhe — Berhe, who calls himself “The Missile” was known for his special teams play with the New York Giants, and the Steelers will lean on this experience in 2018. Berhe is capable of playing safety, and, like Allen, will provide depth at the position.

Players to be Cut:

Jordan Dangerfield
Malik Golden

Roster Spots taken: 5/53

Next position: Inside Linebackers