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Antonio Brown puts his own unique spin on ranking the Top 10 NFL quarterbacks

In the wake of David Carr leaving Ben Roethlisberger off his Top-10 QB list, Antonio Brown produced his own list.

NFL: Preaseason-Pittsburgh Steelers at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

If’s goal of having David Carr rank the Top 10 quarterbacks in the league was to cause waves — they succeeded.

Carr, who left Ben Roethlisberger off the list, only to rank his brother Derek Carr 4th, caught the attention, and ire, of Pittsburgh Steelers fans as they wanted to know how in the world he could leave a 2-time Super Bowl winning quarterback off his list? Not just ranked lower than they thought, but completely off the list?!

This news was so far-reaching, Roethlisberger’s No. 1 target, Antonio Brown, took to his verified Twitter account to release his own Top 10 quarterback rankings...with a unique spin on them.

Check it out:

Not only is the statement made in the tweet true, but it also comes at a time when Brown has been catching passes from Cam Newton, since the two have been training together in Florida. Brown has seen first hand just how gifted other throwers are in the league, and he certainly makes ranking them seem rather silly.

After all, for the accuracy Tom Brady brings to the Patriots, Newton brings a completely different, and rather unconventional skill set to the Panthers. Talent is talent, even if it isn’t what fans are used to.

However, I think all Black-and-gold fans agree with who Brown has listed as No. 1.