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Nothing but straight-shooting, hard-hitting Steelers coverage for 2018

Blue collar, hard-hitting Steelers coverage that's right in your face!

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers-Minicamp Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It seems I’ve lost my way as a Steelers writer as of late. That edge I used to have feels a little smoother these days.

What’s the deal?

Maybe I’ve become just another cog in the Steelers’ machine, someone too afraid to tell it like it is.

That might have been the old me, but the new me is here to tell you those days are over. No more Mr. Nice Guy. From now on, it's all hard-hitting truth and analysis all the time.

How many games will the Steelers win in 2018? You might not like the answer.

Welcome to the no spin zone!

How many games will Head Coach Mike Tomlin have his team unprepared to play? Put some extra padding on because you might not like how hard I really hit.

No prisoners!

Mike Tomlin’s 116-60 career win/loss record, what’s it really mean? Think of something nice because this might hurt a little.

Steelers sheep need not apply!

Who’s the best receiver in the NFL? It may not be Antonio Brown — “Oh no, Defeo didn’t!” Oh yes Defeo did!

Homers need to stay home!

What’s Todd Haley really think of Mike Tomlin, of Ben Roethlisberger? Buckle up, because my opinion of what he might think of them may throw you for a loop.

Straight talk!

Which team was legitimately the best of the 1970s? Was it the Cowboys? How about the Raiders? Was it really the Steelers....really? Really?

Time to put the kids to bed!

Were the Steelers four Super Bowls in six years a fluke?

Time to throw in the Terrible Towel!

Who was really responsible for the Steelers’ 27-17 loss to the Cowboys in Super Bowl XXX? Was it Myron?

You just did a Double Yoi!

Was Jerome Bettis really a great running back or did he just benefit from a lot of girth?

It’s the fourth quarter and I’m not afraid to tackle the real issues!

The 1976 Steelers really would have won their third-straight Super Bowl if Franco and Rocky hadn’t gotten hurt? Really......really?

You’ve just been penalized 15 yards for excessive Pollyanna!

How's Jack Lambert really feel about you using a variation of his name and number for your online persona?

Be prepared to pick up your teeth!

Was Mel Blount really better than Deion Sanders? You might not like my opinion.

I hope you have a short memory!

Did Franco really catch that pass before it hit the ground? My answer might surprise you.

I hope you’re sitting down for this!

Has Tomlin ever coached a good game or has he just benefited from having Cowher’s players all these years?

Time to take out the trash!

What’s Bryan Anthony Davis really talk about during the commercial breaks of The Final Score podcast?

I hope you have the bleep-button handy!

Is it unfair for Ben Roethlisberger to be ranked just outside of the top-10 of NFL quarterbacks, or should he be even lower than that?

There’s no escaping the pocket this time, Big Ben!

Who’s been the real mastermind sitting in the shadows and making the decisions for the Steelers organization all these years while the Rooneys have taken the credit?

The unvarnished truth!

Was Chuck Noll really a better head coach than Tom Landry or Bill Walsh? Really.....really?

Time to take off the black-and-gold-colored glasses!

When will the Steelers win a seventh Super Bowl? I hope you have plenty of time to wait because the doctor may not be in for awhile.

Better not throw Bill Cowher’s number away!

Hard-hitting. Unapologetic. Uncompromising. Real talk! Straight in your face!

Stay tuned, Steelers Nation. The 2018 season is just around the corner, and I hope you’re wearing a mouthpiece because I’ve come to play!!