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Morgan Burnett views Steelers rookie Terrell Edmunds as a “bright young talent” in the NFL

The Steelers’ top pick in the 2018 NFL Draft got some praise from a veteran teammate.

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NFL: NFL Draft Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers went from having no safeties, to a lot of safeties in a very short amount of time.

After acquiring Morgan Burnett via free agency, the team then drafted Terrell Edmunds in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft, and followed it up with Marcus Allen in the fifth round.

But back to Burnett for a second.

Burnett has been around the block a time or two in his nine seasons in the NFL. He was on the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl 45, albeit injured, when the Packers beat the Steelers, and he brings with him a wealth of knowledge and versatility to his new team.

With young safeties roaming around the secondary, Burnett has already assumed the position of veteran in the secondary, along with Joe Haden, despite the fact he is learning the new defense with the first year players. This isn’t Burnett’s first rodeo with this job title, and he has seen more than a few rookies come in and try to be difference makers from year one.

However, Burnett, who recently joined Jim Rome on CBS Sports Radio, spoke highly of the Steelers’ top draft pick Terrell Edmunds. He praised his communication, maturity and labeled him as a “bright young talent in this league”. He would go on to talk about excited he is to see Edmunds on the Heinz Field turf making plays for the Steelers.

Check out the interview below to see/hear Burnett talks about playing in a different city for the first time, his first reaction to being picked up by the Steelers and much more:

When it comes down to it, Burnett, Sean Davis, Edmunds and even Marcus Allen are going to have to be one cohesive unit as they prepare for the 2018 season. The Steelers’ defensive coaching staff has already laid the groundwork for an extremely creative set up to their sub packages, and the safety play will have to be a large part of the equation.