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Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy feels the Steelers are a perfect fit for Mason Rudolph and James Washington

Mason Rudolph and James Washington will see success for years to come in Pittsburgh, according to their college coach.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re like me, when someone mentions the name Mike Gundy, head coach of the Oklahoma State football program, I immediately think of this:

While Gundy seems to be the only coach who had a legendary rant, yet has kept the same job for years, for Pittsburgh Steelers fans, he was the man responsible for getting two of the team’s seven draft picks to the NFL.

Gundy coached second-round pick James Washington and third-round pick Mason Rudolph throughout their time in Stillwater. Considering he recruited these players and coached them throughout their college tenures, there isn’t a better person to hear from when it comes to their overall football prowess and how they will fit with the Black-and-gold.

Speaking of that, in an interview with Missi Matthews of the Steelers official website, Gundy spoke about the fit for Rudolph and Washington in Pittsburgh, and he labeled it as perfect.

Yes, there will be growing pains — especially for Rudolph — as he gets acclimated to taking snaps under center, something he hasn’t done since his early days in High School. But it’s also a challenge for Washington to learn to deal with the high-caliber defenders who will be lining up opposite him every down in the NFL.

Either way, Gundy sees the Steelers’ rookie duo having a lot of success for a long time in Pittsburgh.

Regarding Washington, he spoke about his work ethic and uncanny ability to accelerate underneath a pass to make the reception. In other words, according to Gundy, Washington plays much faster than his 40-yard-dash time might indicate. As for Rudolph, Gundy referred to him as a pure football guy who loves the game, works on his craft and studies at every possible moment. Gundy even suggested he wouldn’t be shocked if Rudolph already has a great grasp of the Steelers’ playbook, and just needs the physical repetitions to be labeled ‘ready to go’.

Gundy was asked when he last spoke to the duo, and he said it was just a few weeks ago. The two are staying in a hotel in Pittsburgh together, and when he spoke with his former star quarterback, Rudolph was studying the playbook while Washington was on the phone with people in his hometown talking about coyote hunting — this was a Friday night.

The Oklahoma State coach gives great insight into the type of players the Steelers were able to pick up in the 2018 NFL Draft, and the interview is certainly worth watching. Check it out in the player below: