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PFF provides yet another statistic showing just how dominant David DeCastro was in 2017

As if you didn’t know...David DeCastro is good.

NFL: AFC Divisional Playoff-Jacksonville at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

The life of an NFL offensive lineman is not glorious. You work your tail off, get hit every play and never get any type of recognition for your work. You pave the way for others to make plays, and understand the only time you get truly noticed is when you make a mistake.

In other words, as an offensive lineman, the less they talk about you the better you are.

In this situation there would be no reason to talk about Pittsburgh Steelers guard David DeCastro. After all, the man was nothing short of dominant in 2017.

Many statistics have proven this, and highlight reels show DeCastro’s athleticism in pulling and run blocking, but what doesn’t get a lot of publicity is his work done in pass blocking. Thanks to Pro Football Focus (PFF), DeCastro was highlighted for going a whopping 589 snaps without allowing a sack.

When you think about this achievement, it is difficult to wrap your head least for me. Sure, guards don’t go up against the opposition’s best pass rushers, but don’t think stunts and defensive linemen like Aaron Donald and Geno Atkins don’t do plenty of damage from the interior of the defensive line.

When DeCastro was drafted many were stunned he fell to the Steelers, and after an injury hampered rookie season he has done nothing more than show he is absolutely worth every penny he has earned with the Steelers.

DeCastro reminds you of another offensive lineman who wore No. 66, Alan Faneca, and the hope is, unlike Faneca, DeCastro remains in black-and-gold for years to come.