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Back to where it all began with BTSC

The chance to return to Behind the Steel Curtain as deputy editor was too good of an opportunity to ignore.

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

I cannot exactly remember when I first found Behind the Steel Curtain, but like many when they first come to the site, I was more of a reader than a poster in my early days. Eventually creating an account under the name Steeler Nation UK, I quickly went from unburdening myself in the comments section to posting lengthy fan posts, regardless of the responses.

Even though the opening comment on the first fan post I ever wrote said “English people should stick to soccer”, I didn’t take the hint. The posts got longer, tables full of numbers were added and the next thing you know, I’m arguing with then editor Neal Coolong that he has got his math wrong about the team’s salary cap situation. Perhaps to shut me up, Neal offered me a chance to contribute to the site and several draft articles and cap pieces would follow.

When the opportunity to call myself a paid writer came calling from SteelersWire, it was impossible to resist. Someone was prepared to pay me to write about the team I had supported for over 30 years and I jumped at the opportunity.

Now three years on from my last post on Behind The Steel Curtain, I am pleased to be returning to where it all began. Taking on the role of deputy editor, I will join Jeff Hartman in covering breaking news and producing daily content, adding another voice to the wealth of talent that is already here.

Although born in England, there has always been a little bit of Pittsburgh in my soul and I have been following the Steelers since 1983. While I would not see my first Steelers game in person until I traveled to Pittsburgh in 1992, I have racked up enough air miles since then that I could have flown around the world at least five times by now, but we do strange things for the team we love.

I look forward to getting to know many of the new members of the BTSC community who have joined since I was last here and also reacquainting myself with familiar names from the past. Expecting to be challenged by a knowledgeable audience, I look forward to some impassioned debate.

Heading into a 2018 season that carries high hopes of a seventh Super Bowl title, there could be no better time to return to the greatest Steelers site on the web and I cannot wait to get started.