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As the calendar turns to July, BTSC adds to their roster

The Pittsburgh Steelers 90-man roster is basically set, and here at BTSC we have added some players to our roster.

NFL: NFL Draft Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Here at BTSC, my staff of writers is changing, very much like the Pittsburgh Steelers 90-man offseason. As some writers move on for whatever reasons, others fill their shoes and put their stamp on this website.

While we have had some turnover, Vox Media, the owner of SB Nation, has rolled out some new opportunities for me, the site editor, to expand the website in a variety of ways. So, without any further fanfare, let me introduce some new contributors, some people with new roles and more.

First, I am proud to say I have brought on a new contributor who used to contribute to the website in the Neal Coolong days, and briefly when I took over in 2015. He will be the newly minted Deputy Editor, basically he will be the second main contributor behind yours truly. For those those who have been with the site for a long time, you might remember Simon Chester. I could go on about Simon, but he will further explain himself in his own “welcome back” article this morning.

Another new title for the website will be “Community Manager”. The use PittsBlitz56 will be the new man in charge when it comes to moderation, as well as the general community. It will be his responsibility to get new moderators up to speed, monitor the comment sections and keep tabs on the FanPost section to see if anything is worthy of being promoted to the main page.

On an outside the walls of BTSC move, we welcome two bright young men to take over both our Twitter and Facebook pages. While I am not sure if they are willing to divulge their personal identities, understand if you follow BTSC on those platforms you should see some new and exciting stuff.

With those additions also comes a subtraction. Mike Frazer, long-time writer for me here, has decided to step down as a regular contributor due to work and family conflicts. While he will still be an active member of the website, and contribute when he has the time, you won’t be seeing as much writing from him, at least not till the season begins.

So, give them a warm welcome, and a fond farewell (kinda)!!!