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Cameron Heyward successfully petitions EA Sports to change his Madden 19 rating

After an All-Pro and Pro Bowl season, Cameron Heyward was understandably unhappy with his low rating in the latest version of the game and was quick to ask EA Sports to change it

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

As we reported on Wednesday, the release of the new player ratings for Madden 19 were not well received by everyone on the Pittsburgh Steelers roster, and it seems EA Sports has already made an effort to placate one of the unhappy names.

In a move that reeks of a publicity stunt, the company behind the popular football game released a statement Thursday on social media inviting players who disagreed with their grade to contact EA Sports if they believed their rating should be reconsidered.

Defensive lineman Cameron Heyward was one of several names to receive the message from EA Sports and he was quick to respond with the facts supporting his case, although he was far less inclined to include a highlight video.

Just a few hours later, Heyward’s application was under review with the Madden 19 “Rating Experts”.

And then approved.

The change has resulted in an extra three points added to his strength score and an extra point each to his awareness and play recognition stats. However, there’s no indication as to how much this has increased his overall rating.

Reading through the tweets on the EA Sports Madden NFL official Twitter page, Heyward is the first player to have his grade readjusted so far, but it’s unlikely he will be the last. Who knew a computer game could be so controversial?