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Cris Carter talks about the dominance of Antonio Brown, and how he will continue his pace

The Hall of Fame wide receiver talks about Antonio Brown, and how he is one of the last true “warriors” in the NFL.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a fortunate franchise. Not every team can produce, and select, the wide receivers Pittsburgh has under the Mike Tomlin/Kevin Colbert era. You think about a team like the Baltimore Ravens, who have struggled to find a true No. 1 receiver, and the Steelers seem to just churn them out.

But Antonio Brown is a different beast. His work ethic, combined with a ridiculous attention to detail in his game has made him the best wide receiver in the game.

They say greatness recognizes greatness, and this was certainly the case when Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter spoke about Brown’s greatness, dominance and training in the show “First Things First”.

It is here where Carter talks about how it is much more than Brown’s on-field production which makes him great. He admits to talking with Brown on more than one occasion, and mostly about off-field aspects of his game.

His training, his off-field image and how he approaches the game.

The video is worth watching, check it out:

One of the more interesting aspects of this interview was how Carter talked about how he feels Brown’s game will “age”. In other words, does his style of play lend itself to being successful well into his mid-30s? He feels he is more than capable of doing just that, and the Steelers hope that is the case as they hope to add to their trophy collection while Brown is dominant.