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Las Vegas offers bets on Le’Veon Bell signing an extension or staging a holdout

If you think you know how Le’Veon Bell’s contract situation will be resolved, one gambling site is offering you the chance to cash in on it

Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

You can bet on almost anything these days and with the deregulation of the gambling industry within the U.S recently, the range of markets to wager on will only increase this season. Gamblers will find a lot more proposition bets available in 2018, novelty bets designed to test your knowledge of sports beyond simply picking which team will win the game.

With the start of the regular season still several weeks away, there is not much to wager on in the world of football at the moment, but one innovative sportsbook has still come up with way of generating some interest among Pittsburgh Steelers fans with a range of proposition bets based on Le’Veon Bell and his ongoing contract negotiations.

Online sportsbook My is currently offering a variety of markets on the Steelers’ star running back and are offering a bet about Pittsburgh being forced to use the franchise tag on Bell in 2018, effectively a bet on whether he will sign a long-term extension before the July 16 deadline or play the season under the tag.

Should an extension not be struck in time, the possibility of a holdout will become a concern and My Bookie has a market for that too. Bets can be placed on Bell to holdout throughout preseason and also into the regular season.

If you believe the front office will ultimately get so frustrated with Bell they decide to trade him, there is even a market for that as well.

Of all the proposition bets the sportsbook is offering, perhaps the best value of them all is Bell to sit out the preseason at +200. Assuming a long-term deal is not struck, it would be a surprise if Bell did anything different than he did last year when he missed the entire preseason. Missing a regular season game seems unlikely and the odds are not really attractive enough to deserve the action.

That being said, while I accept no liability for any money lost following my advice, I do accept paypal contributions for any profits earned from my tips.