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Check out the BTSC Want Ads for the upcoming 2018 season

We are looking for a few qualified individuals to help us fill out our roster for the upcoming season.

NFL: NFL Draft Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Hello folks, just your friendly BTSC editor here writing to let you know there are few openings on the website for the upcoming season. Please check below for the want ads, and PLEASE read carefully before contact anyone for an available position.

Writer (Paid)

As you see above, this is a paid writing position. No, it isn’t enough for you to retire and/or quit your current job, but it could be an avenue for you to make some side cash while writing about the team you love.

PLEASE, do not inquire about this position if you don’t have writing experience. I know we are all fans, and even though you’ve been a fan of the black-and-gold for the past 40 years doesn’t necessarily qualify you for the position. If you email me with zero writing experience, don’t expect a response.

If you DO have writing experience (I’m talking about college newspaper and High School yearbook writing), you will need to email me ( telling me about yourself, as well as a sample of your work. Pick a current angle about the team, and write it up.

Just to be clear, this person will be expected to contribute 2-3 articles per week, so you will need to have the time to be consistent with this work load. I don’t want to have to track down writers to meet their quota.

Lastly, I am looking for someone with a unique voice for commentary. We have the news and different tidbits of information surrounding the black-and-gold pretty much covered. What I want is someone who isn’t afraid to write what they believe, have the tact to do it gracefully and the consistency to do it.

Think you meet those qualifications? Send me a note.

Moderator (Not Paid)

As I mentioned in a previous article, we have a new Community Manager in the user named PittBlitz56. He is responsible for bringing on new moderators, training them, and keeping things in order in the comment section.

This isn’t an easy job, and he could use all the help he could get, but there will be a process. If you are new to BTSC, you might want to get your feet wet with the characters who call this site home before you jump on board. If you are someone who visits the site regularly (talking 5 or more times a week), you might be a great addition to the team.

If you are interested, you can email him here:

Podcaster (Not Paid)

Similar to the writing, if you have ZERO podcasting experience, please don’t apply. I simply don’t have time to train someone on the tools used, as well as the expectations for how a good podcast should sound.

If you have experience, email me (see above) with some information about you, as well as a copy of some of your work. If you don’t have that, please don’t apply.


Thanks! Hopefully some of you can become a part of the BTSC team as the Steelers press on to Super Bowl glory!