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Which current Steelers player would have been a perfect fit on the 70s teams?

If you could put anybody on the current roster on the “Team of the 70s”, who would it be?

NFL: New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago, BTSC ran a fantasy piece I wrote which asked fans what Steelers player from the past would best help the current roster. Guys like Jack Lambert, Rod Woodson and Troy Polamalu (just to name a few) were frequent inclusions in the comments section. Looking back on this contribution to the site, I was thinking “outside the bun” again and started to wonder about the players of today and how they would fit in 1970’s Pittsburgh. Even though he is retired now, I always thought Hines Ward would have been a perfect throwback to play on Chuck Noll’s 45-man roster. But what about today’s guys?

Could the Steelers have won more Super Bowls in that era if David DeCastro was blocking for “the Blonde Bomber”? Where would Antonio Brown be listed on the WR depth chart? How would Chuck Noll handle Le’Veon Bell’s second career as a Disco singer? Would Cameron Heyward start on the defensive line? Would JuJu Smith-Schuster get his ten-speed stolen?

These are fun offseason, weekend questions to ponder when the spouse has a headache and the Ambien hasn’t kicked in yet. State your case and scenarios in the comments section. Keep in mind that body types in the 70s were on average smaller, so let’s try to keep out of the weeds with the fact that you could replace the entire O-Line with today’s guys because they are bigger. This is pure fantasy, so we will focus more on the quality of a player’s performance.

Now...let’s “Marty McFly” somebody and see if there’s enough room in the trophy case.