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Steelers’ 2018 training camp schedule and regular-season calendar

Keep track of every key date for the Steelers in 2018 with our BTSC training-camp schedule and regular-season calendar.

Simon Chester

The Pittsburgh Steelers will return to Latrobe once again on July 25 for the opening of training camp at Saint Vincent College for their 53rd consecutive year. With the exception of running back Le’Veon Bell, all players are expected to arrive at camp by 4 p.m. ET on Wednesday, with the first practice open to the public scheduled for Thursday, July 26th at 2:55 p.m ET.

While there have been few changes to the training camp schedule as first announced in June, it’s worth noting the addition of an extra day off for the players on August 6th. In total, 15 of the Steelers’ practice sessions will be open to the public, a number that includes the ever popular “Friday Night Lights” session held at Latrobe Memorial Stadium each year and scheduled for August 3, 2018.

To help you keep track of all of the key training-camp dates this offseason, our Behind the Steel Curtain training-camp calendar lists every practice session open to the public this year and each day when the players will be training.

Steelers 2018 Training camp schedule
Simon Chester

Having made a calendar for training camp, it seemed a shame not to make one for the regular season as well, and so we thought we would provide a reminder of all the important dates on the schedule for the rest of the year too.


Steelers 2018 schedule - September
Simon Chester


Steelers 2018 Schedule - October
Simon Chester


Steelers 2018 schedule - November
Simon Chester


Steelers 2018 Schedule - December
Simon Chester

Not wanting to tempt fate, the January part of the calendar will not see the light of day until later in the year when we have a better understanding of which games, if any, the Steelers will be involved in. Hopefully, the first weekend of January will be blank for a wildcard round scheduled for January 6/7 and list a divisional round games on the weekend of January 13/14.