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The 2018 State of BTSC Address

BTSC ushers in a new football season with a preview of what to expect for the upcoming season.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 2018 BTSC Training Camp Confidential!

If you are new to these parts, let me explain what will be going on here the next few days. When I took over this fine establishment in 2015, I wanted to do something different with the website as players report to training camp.

Past editors had tried all sorts of things, but I thought the best thing fans would want right now, while players show up, complete the run test and have non-padded practices, is a comprehensive look of the season just getting underway.

This is where the Camp Confidential was born. 3 days with a multitude of articles breaking down the season just in its infancy. We will still cover any breaking news as always, but expect the Camp Confidential stream to remain on the main page. If you thought you missed something, click the “stream” on the main page to see all the black-and-gold goodness inside!

With that out of the way, I normally start off the Camp Confidential with the State of BTSC Address. Here goes nothing...

Another year is on the brink, and there has been plenty of change here within the walls of BTSC. But with some leaving for bigger and better things, comes new opportunities for others. I am proud to say this year I will be leading the most dynamic, and vast, group of writers I have had the pleasure of working with since I became the editor before the 2015 NFL Draft.

Returning are familiar faces in Anthony Defeo, Bryan Anthony Davis, Dan Sager and Bill Dundas. Joining the fray this year are Simon Chester, FlipSteeler, and two new training camp signings in R.C. Sprouls and Shannon White.

Those, combined with yours truly, will be the main voices you will hear from all season, with others who will chip in when able. Needless to say, from a content standpoint I haven’t been this excited for a season in a long time!

Other than new faces, not much else is changing. We have added some new behind-the-scenes employees who are handling the BTSC Twitter and Facebook page, and the podcast platform will be focusing more on quality than quantity. Giving you a few quality episodes a week to enjoy!

The names and faces may have changed a bit, but the goal of the site remains the same — to provide the best, and most unique, Steelers coverage on the entire internet. To some, we will always fail in this endeavor, but it won’t stop us from trying our best every black-and-gold day!

On a personal note, this season will bring with it new challenges. My one month old daughter completes the Hartman basketball team. Captained by my oldest, and only, son, his four sisters will do their best to turn every single hair on my head as white as the winter snow. But as my Pittsburgh brainwashing continues, they run around in their Steelers garb everywhere booing Ravens fans at every turn here in Maryland — and no, I’m not kidding.

BTSC has become a large part of my life, and I hope you all feel the same. We are a family here, and I am proud to be the one providing the content you all enjoy on a daily basis.

So, with that said...

Sit back, relax and let’s hope we all get to celebrate something truly special in February!