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Antonio Brown encouraging Dez Bryant to sign with Steelers should be every fans’ worst nightmare

Just the very idea of Dez Bryant joining the Steelers is enough to make your skin crawl

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Antonio Brown is an exceptional wide receiver, but it would appear he is not cut out for a career as a general manager when his playing days are over, especially if his latest tweet is anything to go by.

Just the idea of Dez Bryant in a Pittsburgh Steelers uniform is enough to make your skin crawl and fans should be grateful the front office are not the sort of people to take advice from their players about free agent signings.

Given the level of drama that already seems to exist around the Steelers, adding Bryant into the mix could potentially be a disaster. With Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster the obvious starters, Bryant would be third choice at best and it is hard to imagine him quietly accepting that role considering the petulant nature h has displayed on multiple occasions with the Dallas Cowboys when things did not go his way.

Although Bryant entered the league as a first round draft in 2010 and Brown was a sixth-round draft choice that same year, the course of their careers would suggest the Steelers’ star receiver was the higher draft pick if you did not know any better. Brown has recorded six 1000-yard seasons in his eight years in the NFL, but Bryant has only managed that feet three times and hasn't even eclipsed the 900-yard mark in the past three seasons.

While Brown appears to be improving each and every year despite already being the best at his position, Bryant looks to be very much on the downturn with each passing year. Even if the worst should happen and an injury was to befall one of Pittsburgh’s top receivers, it is still hard to imagine that adding the former Cowboys’ wideout would be a wise decision.

Hopefully, Bryant will find a job with a team like the Cleveland Browns in the coming weeks, a team that has already shown an interest and a much more suitable franchise for a player of Bryant’s stature.